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quality, responsibility, animal welfare, efficiency

The quality of your poultry farm is important

Agrometal Carrión is a socially responsible company committed to quality in the business, social and environmental fields.

We seek excellence in our production processes and a perfect finish for poultry buildings and renovations that exceed customer expectations.


Energy efficiency

Our constructions favor the reduction of energy consumption and greater profitability.


Our poultry farms provide chickens with the necessary comfort to reach the desired level of production.

  • Avoid concentration and humidity in the shed and the litter.
  • Heating, cooling and thermal insulation systems.
  • Optimal measurement of bed and water temperature.
  • Finishes that cancel the tightness, humidity and appearance of litter.
  • Biosecurity measures.
  • Protection against pests.
Abejar Soria 16


Committed to the environment through the efficient and responsible use of renewable resources and energy.

  • Reduce the production of waste, energy expenditure and fuel consumption.
  • Re-use surplus materials and resources, remanufacturing.
  • Recycle non-organic waste.
  • Increase the use of renewable energy.

renewable energy

Photovoltaic installations for self-consumption. We achieve maximum efficiency and energy savings from farms.

We have signed an agreement with the photovoltaic installations company Use The Sun, making us one of the largest builders of poultry farms from Spain with installation of renewable energies.

energia renovable


UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Management System for CONSTRUCTION OF SHIPS FOR LIVESTOCK AND INDUSTRIAL USE that justifies our professionalism, good service and customer service.

Patented construction system P201531521

Unique in Spain with its own production process for Poultry Farms. It is characterized by a perfect, optimal, efficient and profitable finishing of the farms. 

Every day we strive to continue advancing in our project.

We are a beneficiary company of the Aid-Adelante Inversión for the promotion of investment and business productivity.