Phases of the project

VESSELS Tailor-made to solve your needs


At Agrometal Carrión we manufacture all the parts that make up the structure of a Poultry farm

We are unique in the market thanks to a patented proprietary build system: P201531521

The parts are designed by our engineers and cut with laser technology. We take maximum care of the finish of the structure offering two types of structure.


Durable protection of the structure is obtained thanks to the treatment by immersion in zinc at 450ºC. Protects the structure from oxidation and corrosion.


We apply two coats of primer in the factory and one of synthetic enamel on site. This gives it extra quick drying, toughness, elasticity and adhesion to the structure of the ship.

2. facade

Exclusive Mounting System without cuts or nooks for Farm Facades

The adjustment of the facade panels with those of the roof is millimetric

The façade is made up of high-density polyurethane panels screwed to the structure that avoid the presence of cuts, nooks, recesses or strange shapes that prevent easy cleaning and direct vision of the animals.

Thanks to our mounting system, the adjustment of the facade panels with those of the roof is millimeter, offering continuity in thermal insulation and favoring energy savings. In addition, the use of foams in the seals, poor quality finishes and poor aesthetics is avoided. The exterior is protected by the overhang of the roof and the perimeter or steel concreting.


Variety of Panel Types, Custom Thicknesses and Finishes in False Ceiling Panels

Our false ceilings offer a continuous ceiling without cuts or recesses, hiding the beams and the installations inside. They considerably increase thermal insulation and favors the effectiveness of ventilation systems.

4. covers

The thicknesses are decided by the Client and usually range from 30mm to 60mm

Panel cover with high density polyurethane insulation and two lacquered sheets, with 20-25% pending, screwed on belts with die-cut ridge and tip-panel finish. Thus, the deterioration of the polyurethane is avoided, both by atmospheric agents and by pests.


We ensure the safety and tightness of our buildings

Cleaning and Protection of the Panels by Sanitary Profile


We seal the joint between the corners of the facade and the false ceiling, installing a sanitary profile made of PVC. It is a PVC strip that adapts to the surface of the panels thanks to its flexible lips and seals them, facilitating cleaning and preventing dirt from nesting in the corners, increasing the hygiene of the premises.

This profile makes it possible to round off the meetings of the plates of the different faces, eliminating the right angles of 90º.


6. skirt

Variety of Finishes and Maximum Protection in Skirts for the structure.

Skirt made with pre-lacquered sheet metal or sandwich panel and galvanized tube that is screwed to the structure. It is installed in areas of the building where there are ventilation or cooling hatches for protection, in order to control air intakes avoiding negative influences from the wind.


Total Tightness and Maximum Insulation in Access Doors to the Farm

Manufactured with 80mm aluminum profile, with thermal break, triple rubber seal and sandwich panel. Total tightness and maximum insulation.

Door and door mounting system that ensure the breakdown of the thermal bridge throughout the installation, reducing moisture levels and tightness.

With a rubber strip, the doors prevent the entry of air through the lower part, thus preventing contact with the litter and their corrosion.  


Quality of finishes throughout the exterior of the poultry house

Pre-lacquered sheet metal finishes in the color of the roof, skirt and facade panels.

Custom folded parts for junction between roof and facade, giving an optimal finish to the installation.


Effective Solution for the Ventilation of the Chicken Farm

They prevent the entry of cold air, light from outside and the continuity of the thermal bridge of the fan. We install hinged covers, for high flow fans, made with sheet metal profiles stainless and aluminum, sandwich panel and cold room rubber gasket.


Supports and Elements for the Management of the Farm Feeding Lines

We use supports with lifting motors and fasteners for feed line pulleys, supports and hoppers. Made of stainless steel sheet, laser cut and folded to size, they are fastened to the straps by stainless steel nuts.


Maximum safety and hygiene in your poultry farm.

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tablon inos ok

We equip doors and covers with a plank of stainless steel protection and rubber seal, avoiding the entry of air through the lower part of the doors. With this, inside the house, on the ground, a bed of sawdust is laid so that the birds are comfortable and the plank helps to prevent the sawdust from getting out when the door is opened.

Thanks to the plank, the passage through the door is flat and does not disturb.


Energy saving and animal welfare

Cooling is a ventilation system that allows air to pass through in optimal conditions.

At Agrometal we lengthen the beams so that the roof is longer in the area that the cooling will occupy, leaving the cabin semi-closed. In this way, the cooling system forces the air to enter through a specific area and in the best conditions.