We go to Zurgena , municipality of Almería, to visit the Kiko poultry farm. A new farm for the fattening of chickens measuring 130 × 17 meters in size and two technical rooms of 4 × 4 meters.

From the moment we received the call from Kiko, we did not hesitate to visit him to learn more about his needs in the type of poultry house he wanted to build.

This farm is a clear example of energy efficiency, animal welfare and innovation thanks to the establishment of a cooling structure through elongation of the gantry beams and tunnel-type cooling.

I wanted to entrust my project to the best professionals and Agrometal Carrion were experts in this. He was very calm and confident from his great experienceKiko confesses.

Next, your manager tells us what it has been like to work with Agrometal Carrión.

1. What was the main motivation that led you to contact Agrometal Carrión? Why did you finally choose Agrometal Carrión?

He had heard that it was the best company and the one that built the most houses, they were specialists in the construction of poultry houses.
The first meeting I had to see quotes for my ship was with Luis Carrión, and from then on, I knew that my ship had to be done by his company.

2. What was the main need you wanted to cover with the project and how did Agrometal Carrión help you make it happen?

I wanted to entrust my project to the best professionals and Agrometal Carrion were experts in this. He was very calm and confident from his great experience.

3. What would you highlight of the work carried out by the Agrometal Carrión team in your poultry farm?

Well, I would highlight everything, a perfectly built poultry house that works satisfactorily and with perfect finishes. In addition, Agrometal has a team of qualified and prepared people in all the works and execution phases. I keep the good treatment and the friendship that I take from all their employees.

4. What benefits have you obtained later, in your day to day, thanks to the construction of this ship? 

What I was looking for for my farm, it fulfills because it is a perfect warehouse, with the best and latest finishes, which works like a charm and gives me the results I expected.

« Agrometal Carrión, in addition to having the best equipment and structures, has close people and professionals »

5. What recommendation would you give to a professional who is thinking of building or renovating his poultry house?

I would tell that person to trust the best company and to have the most experts as Agrometal, in addition to having the best equipment, has close and professional people. Managers who trust this company can rest assured that they are in the best hands.
If in the future my family decided to build another poultry house, it would always be with Luis and his team from Agrometal Carrion .

6.  How you assess the evolution of the sector?

The sector is recovering after the pandemic and moving towards a more innovative, technological and computerized format that seeks to make work on the farm as efficient as possible in addition to caring for and protecting chickens for their well-being.


Working with Kiko has been a quality and professional work experience thanks to the good reception they gave us from day one.

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