Poultry Projects


The best before and after.

During our long career we have carried out a multitude of poultry projects.
We show you a brief compilation so you can see how yours will look if you make it happen with us.

The start of a chicken farm

A vacant lot can host a thriving poultry farm. It is a matter of trying and trusting Agrometal

The structure of the farm expresses its dimension

With tenacity, passion and dedication we are making the idea of our clients come true.

Experts in poultry reforms

We carry out reforms of poultry farms to revitalize or restart our clients’ business.

The interior of the poultry farm suitable for its equipment

We turn your old warehouse into a top-quality farm equipped with the latest technology.

Large poultry projects

Redondo Poultry Farms

The largest concentration of broiler houses in Spain built by Agrometal CarriĆ³n.