We go to Rafalés , Teruel municipality, to visit José Ramón’s farm. A poultry farm for the fattening of chickens of 25 × 15 meters in dimension and a technical room of 5 × 5 meters.

From the moment we received the call from José Ramón, we did not hesitate to visit him to learn more about his needs in the type of poultry house he wanted to build.

This farm is a clear example of energy efficiency, animal welfare and innovation thanks to the establishment of a cooling structure through elongation of roof panels and another supporting structure.

“One of the main objectives I was looking for was the insulation and watertightness of the ship. Thanks to Agrometal Carrión I don’t have to worryJosé Ramón confesses.

Next, your manager tells us what it has been like to work with Agrometal Carrión.

1. What was the main motivation that led you to contact Agrometal Carrión? Why did you finally choose Agrometal Carrión?

The main reason was that I had colleagues from the sector who already knew the type of warehouses and the way of construction of Agrometal. In addition, I had a friend from the sector with many years of experience in the Andalusia area who gave me very good references.
After asking for quotes from different companies in the sector, I went to visit some warehouses built by Agrometal and the quality of the final finishes, finishes, construction characteristics, insulation, tightness, among others, were crucial to choose them.

2. What was the main need you wanted to cover with the project and how did Agrometal Carrión help you make it happen?

One of the main objectives he had was in the isolation and tightness of the ship. We had the test the day the ship was delivered to me as we did a test to see the depression that we achieved with the ship closed and a fan running. The result far exceeded expectations and it was proven that the ship has no heating leaks and is perfectly sealed.

3. What would you highlight of the work carried out by the Agrometal Carrión team in your poultry farm?

Mainly, I prefer professionalism and closeness. At all times they inform you of any doubt, incident or improvement in order for the ship to be perfect.

4. What benefits have you obtained later, in your day to day, thanks to the construction of this ship?

On the one hand, the savings in heating have been very large due to the high quality of the materials used in the insulation. Also, being so watertight you do not have air inlets where it should not be and there are no thermal bridges that cause so many problems in the quality of the beds and legs. All the technology they carry makes daily work very easy. Finally, the type of construction helps cleanings and washings with soap are fast, efficient and easy to do.

«The service that Agrometal Carrión has offered us is very good, since they have provided us with help and solutions at all times and the quality of the auctions is one of the best on the market»

5. What recommendation would you give to a professional who is thinking of building or renovating his poultry house?

Mainly it is the quality of the materials and the finishes that Agrometal Carrión offers is much superior to the rest of the companies in the sector. When you talk to other farmers, you realize how important it was to get some decisions right, and the advantages you are getting from it.

6.  How you assess the evolution of the sector?

The evolution of the sector at the moment I see it with a lot of uncertainty because there are many new farms and it is not clear to me if the market is capable of assuming the volume of chickens that can be produced throughout the country. In addition, I see how the sector is at a time when biosecurity, salmonella, and in general, the quality of the legs and chicken have become very important and we will have to adapt to very strict regulations by the different administrations, in order to meet the quality standards required by the integrator.


Working with José Ramón has been a quality and professional work experience thanks to the good reception they gave us from day one.

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