Placas solares en construcción de nave avícola

How to achieve maximum energy savings on your farm?

From Agrometal today we move to Rafael’s farm in Fuente Obejuna (Córdoba).

Rafael’s new facilities are a clear example of energy efficiency thanks to the establishment of solar panels on his chicken farm. The result: sustainable and profitable poultry facilities that achieve greater energy savings while reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

«The main advantage of this installation is that you have practically amortized it in 4 years, saving up to 60% of energy in summer«. Rafael confesses.


Next, Rafael offers us his testimony of how this entire transformation process has been:

1. What was the main motivation that led you to the decision to install solar panels on your farm?

The main motivation, although it sounds a bit bad, was mainly economic. But the idea that it was environmentally friendly and sustainable is much better.

2. What needs does the installation of this sustainable system cover?

In winter it can cover up to 40% of the energy needs we require and in summer up to 25%. It is true that now we only have contracted a power of 10 KW, but we plan to contract an additional 10 KW to fully optimize its installation. With 10 KW more we would be able to save a little more in winter and in summer up to 50 or 60% of consumption, since in summer we need more power due to cooling. We would not become totally self-sufficient, but energy savings would be optimized much more.

3. Can you explain the advantages of using this system over other more traditional ones?

The main advantage of this installation is that you have practically amortized it in 4 years. At the beginning you have to make an initial investment, but you are sure that you will fully recover it in about 4 years depending on the climatic zone in which you find yourself, ultimately achieving significant energy savings. If I had installed these plates 10 years ago when I installed my poultry houses, I would have been reducing costs for 6 years.

4. Do you think that self-consumption of energy in chicken farming can guarantee the viability of the sector?

In my opinion, the energy savings that you can achieve is very large. But to guarantee total viability in this sector, other determining factors influence such as that the integrators give a fair price to the rancher, among others.

At Agrometal we remain committed to offering the best service and that is why we have taken another step in the implementation of technological processes and commitment to the environment, betting on the Sustainable Rural Development.

We have currently signed an agreement with the company photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, Use The Sun. In this way, we include within our services the installation of self-consumption systems so that poultry farms can be efficient through the consumption of renewable and profitable energy, achieving greater energy savings.


Use The Sun is a collaborator with whom we share our values: trust, seriousness, quality, advice and tireless search to solve the problems of farmers and entrepreneurs.

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